Justice for Lesley

Justice was served for Lesley on April 8th, 2013.

Lyle Herring was convicted of murder by a jury of his peers.

We would like to thank everyone who helped get what justice we could for Lesley, with a big thanks to the detectives and DAs office and all of those brave souls who came forward and shared whatever they witnessed. Thank you.

We miss you Lesley and think of you all the time.


  1. Thank you Jesus for hearing my Prayers. Lesley will never be forgotton.

  2. So sorry to Leslie's family for their loss. I too have lost a sister 30 yrs. ago when her former husband murdered her after being divorced for 4 months. The grief and loss never goes totally away.

  3. I miss you Cuz. I still cry for you. I'll see you again. Love you!


  4. Many prayers and much love for your family. To lose a loved one without even being able to say goodbye is horrible and unimaginably painful. So sorry for your loss.,.

  5. Watching Dateline and seeing this story for 1st time. So very sorry for your loss and thank God justice was served. Your sweet Leslie is in Heaven with Jesus. Prayers for your family.